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Mike Woodside ’s portraiture work has a classic appeal that will last for decades. His painterly approach is characterized by a focus on the subject’s face and character, soft lighting and perhaps a single, simple prop. Bring your ideas: We will experiment to find poses and backgrounds that feel like “you.” We can review trial shots on the computer and adjust the lighting, setup and wardrobe as necessary. Digital retouching can be employed when ordering prints to smooth out imperfections.


Choose between color and black and white photos or some of each. Digital images read in color but can be converted to black and white. Although graduation photos are typically in color, black and white is a stylish option. You see and appreciate the subject ’s face and character versus their wardrobe or the background. Black and white photos make beautiful card inserts and allow for more elaborate, creative framing.


Bring three or four changes of clothing, including your favorite outfit. Consider how your selections will photograph full body and from the waist up. Simple attire is best: solid colors, muted tones, small patterns. Avoid yellow and green as they ’re unflattering to skin tones. Woodside Photography has a private, well-lit dressing room for your comfort and convenience. We can discuss wardrobe ideas during our pre-session consultation.


Props are optional. We can explore the possibilities during our pre-session consultation. If a prop is used, it should have timeless appeal or be an important part of the graduate ’s life: a musical instrument or sports ball, for instance.


Most graduation portrait sessions last two hours, allowing for several wardrobe and background changes. Sessions are charged by the hour, giving you the flexibility to extend yours if desired. Arrive early so you can get comfortable and make any wardrobe adjustments.


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