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Portrait sessions include a no-cost, pre-session consultation in person or by phone with Mike Woodside. We will discuss your expectations, background options and questions or concerns. The consultation must occur at least 24 hours before your session. Woodside Photography will then have your chosen background(s) ready when you arrive.


Portraits are taken in our fully equipped studio against a high-key white background or one that ’s softer and mottled. Weather permitting, shots can be taken in one or more outdoor sets located just steps from our studio. Sets range from pines to prairie, oak forests to wooden fences, most of which can be shot using natural light.


Good portraiture captures its subject ’s physical attributes and personality. Your wardrobe should complement this end, not compete with it. Whether shooting black-and-white or color images, simple clothing in solid colors are best. Bright colors and/or busy patterns distract the eye. Avoid yellow and green as they ’re unflattering to skin tones. The background also affects your wardrobe picks. White, khaki and pastels do well against a white background. Darker shades work better against a darker background. Woodside Photography has a private, well-lit dressing room for your comfort and convenience.


The session will begin with experimental shots you can review on the computer. Mike will adjust the lighting, setup and wardrobe as necessary. Digital retouching can be employed, for an additional fee, when ordering prints to smooth out any imperfections.


Most sessions last one hour. Sessions are charged by the hour, giving you the flexibility to extend your session to include extensive wardrobe and background changes.


Retake sessions resulting from photographer error—poorly exposed or out-of-focus photos, for instance—are done at no charge. A $50 fee is applied if you request a retake due to wardrobe concerns, facial expression, body language, hairstyle or other reasons outside the photographer ’s control.